How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook: Two Types of Facebook Messenger Plugins You Should Know About

Wondering how to integrate Shopify with Facebook and start selling your items on social media? Read this article and find out!

Believe it or not, one of the biggest waste in the marketing world is bounced traffic. The common funnel is that for every 100 website visitors, around 25 of them will give you their email and when you send an email to those 25 people, around 15% of them will open the email, 10% will click on the link. What are we trying to say is that the average online stores convert 1-3% of the traffic into actual sales. The social media platforms can dramatically increase this number, especially one of the best social media platforms Facebook.

If you are running a Shopify online store, you can easily integrate your store with Facebook. Wondering how to integrate Shopify with Facebook and start selling your items on social media? Here is how!

Facebook Messenger chatbots can help you attract new customers and immediately boost your sales. Imagine that we sent 100 users to the Shopify Bot. All 100 users will be on the Messenger channel and you would be able to get in touch with them at any time. You can contact everyone that interacted with you instead of that 25% that gave you an email. The thing that makes Facebook Messenger bots so powerful and great is that users don’t have to sign up and gave you an email or additional information. The bots get this automatically from users who are using the bot.

There are two types of Messenger Plugins you should know about. You can install two different plugins. The first one is the Messenger icon that floats on the home page. The best use of this plugin is to offer your visitors a special promotion or a discount. When they click on the plugin and start using the bot, the visitors will get a discount that they can use at your Shopify store. The point of this type of Messenger plugin is that instead of boring your customers with email signups, you can now drive a total usage of your new bot. This is the basic essence of Facebook Messenger marketing.

facebook messenger marketing.

The second plugin is the so-called checkbox plugin. This plugin is designed to send information to the end user via Messenger. If someone buys an item, they can choose to receive the receipt via Facebook Messenger. This feature works like a Shopify auto checkout bot and it is useful and powerful as the buyers will get used to receiving important information from your store right away. You can send them shipping updates, request reviews, present the new products, and more.

If you are interested in adding Facebook Messenger plugin to your online store, here is how to do it: Go to your Facebook page, go to Settings, and click Messenger Platform.

Once you are in the Messenger Platform tab, you need to scroll down and find Domain Whitelisting. Here, you need to add the domain address of your store and click save. The process is very simple and no special skills or knowledge are required.

Go to Customer chat plugin and click “set up”. You can update your call to action. Give your users a strong reason to use the bot, offer them a discount, for example. After, you can customize your colors and response settings. Facebook will then give you the code to add on your website.

Which type of Messenger plugin are you going to use? Share your experience in the comments below!

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