How to Get Real Likes on Your New Facebook Page


Using Facebook to sell your products is the latest trend in e-commerce. This has led to any new business starting t market their Facebook pages on the verge of attracting followers and customers. While doing so, it is very important to note that Facebook marketing is a dynamic process and takes time to build up and manifest. The early stages of your Facebook page are the most stressing because you can only get a few followers at a time. However, there are genuine ways of getting a good following on your new page like;

  • Inviting your friends to like your page

This is the best move to make as soon as your page is ready. Get your friends to like your page by inviting. You will gather a good amount of likes for your page if you do. This is because your friends have a genuine reason to like your page which is to support your course.

  • Get your friends to invite your friends

After your friends following your new Facebook page, you can encourage them to invite their friend as well. Although not all of them might be willing to go the extra mile, the ones who do will add you some new followers. Some people are just lazy and are willing to let you invite people to like your page using their accounts which brings us to the next point

  • Personally, ask people to follow your page using other accounts

As malicious as it may sound, some people visit cyber cafes trying to find Facebook accounts that have not been logged out. When they find one, they use these accounts to invite people to like their page. Although it is not a strategy that many will approve, it does work, and the good thing is that you will be getting real likes to your new page.

  • Boost a couple of posts

Note that there is a difference between boosting posts and buying likes. When you boost your posts or page, you are simply advertising it to the world and this will bring you real likes. When you buy followers, on the other hand, you are not likely to get real likes.


When your Facebook page is still new, you will want it to gain real likes slowly. People get suspicious when they find a Facebook page that is a few days old but has thousands of likes. They are quick to realize that the likes are not real hence they will just scroll by without hitting the thumbs up button.